I Hate Vampires

March 6, 2006

After we fought off the goblins the other day, the Barbarian, the Paladin, and the Druid went off to attack the goblins where they lived. They apparently killed their leader, which should hopefully stop the attacks. I stayed in town to deal with any stragglers. After that, I received a letter from the Elan council back in Perdon. I returned with Layalta and a Ranger to Perdon, where the council instructed me to head south and investigate a large presence of undead.

On my way I was overtaken by Layalta. She had been sent by her order to investigate the same phenomena as myself, so we began traveling together again. I made much better time thanks to Layalta and her horse.

It was nearly dark when we arrived so we found an Inn and went to sleep. Of course, during the night, Layalta was awakened by some strange sounds. We got up to investigate, but didn’t turn up very much. She claims she saw a shadow run down an alley near the Inn, but when we looked again, we saw no signs of passage. I did, however, notice what I can only describe as an overly large bat flying off to the south. Later that morning we discovered that a farmer had been murdered in the night; torn to shreds.

So, rather than beating about the bush, we went straight to the mausoleum. This mausoleum had apparently been a source of trouble for the town since about the same time that all the undead showed up and the abductions began. It had been shut tight since then. No sooner did I step foot on the hallowed ground then we were attacked by zombies. We made short work of them and entered the mausoleum. This is where the real trouble begain. Inside we encountered a number of skeletons, as well as three clerics. The clerics didn’t prove to be much trouble. Layalta dispatched one immediately and the other two fell shorty thereafter. But the skeletons proved to be more of a problem, since my mind blade has little effect on them. None of us were carrying clubs, so we had to make do with what we could find.

And then the real trouble began. We found a set of stairs leading down. At the bottom we found a small collection of sarcophogi… and a vampire. Actually, according to Layalta it wasn’t a vampire, it was a vampire spawn. In either case, like vampires, our normal weapons appeared to have little effect. My first instinct was to run and come back more prepared for this encounter. However, since the Paladin and the Ranger didn’t seem interested in a strategic retreat, I could not leave. So we stayed and ultimately we were victorious, though it was touch and go.

If Layalta is right, that means that there is a true vampire near by. But that will have to wait until we’ve healed some of these wounds. Once we’re back to full strength, we’ll seek out this vampire and put a stop to the terror that has gripped this land.

On a related note: I feel much stronger after this last encounter. As difficult as it was to kill that vampire, it seems to have done me some good. And I think I have figured out how to shape my mind blade. Once I’m feeling a little better, I’m going to try and split the mind blade into two.

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