Exploring Dwarven Ruins

April 2, 2006

We’ve been exploring some Dwarven ruins in search of a ring. When I say, “we,” I mean Layalta and myself. The rest of our group has been somewhat inconsistent. She and I began the journey with the ogre and the elf, but they soon disappeared. I’m not sure where they went. Not long after they disappeared the half-elf showed up again. I guess she’d been tracking us after we left last time. So much of my old work was done solo, it’s a little strange being part of a group again.

The ruins have been completely infested. We’ve encountered monsters in every room we’ve explored so far. Layalta says that some of them were not from this plane. I wonder if there’s something about this ring that attracted these creatures… Many of the passages have been blocked by rubble. On the one hand this saves us the effort of having to explore some parts of the ruins, but on the other if the ring is in there, we might have trouble getting to it.

We discovered a corpse outside one room, partially buried by a collapsed wall. He had a partially completed map of the dungeon, I guess he was in the ruins to draw the map. The strange thing is, he had no other gear on him. Only his armor — which was torn to shreds — the map, and a scroll case. I would’ve expected a lot more gear for someone exploring some ruins. The map didn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know. We’d already explored all of the ruins that we could get to without clearing a bunch of rubble — well, almost all of the ruins. He has something marked in the entrance room that I assume is a secret door. Hopefully that’s where we’ll find this ring. But I’m afraid that — especially if it’s the ring that has attracted these monsters — we’re going to find something truly horrific behind that door.

We have returned to town to recover before exploring that last door. We were out of healing potions and still had severe injuries that needing tending to. So we returned to town to restock and rest up. Once we’ve made a full recovery — or close to it — we’ll head back to the ruins and find that ring.

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