With Our Hairdryers Aimed Heavenwards

May 8, 2006

Today was my first final, and the only one that I was worried about. In short, I think I nailed it. Unlike the midterm, I felt like I was able to express my ideas in a clear, sensible fashion. Of course, since I feel so good about this test, Preston probably won't. After all, I thought I'd done pretty poorly on all of the other assignments and he's given me nothing less than an A- (he handed back my final paper, which was basically just a rough draft having gone through no revisions of any kind except a spell check, and he gave me an A). It stands to reason—though not really—that he'd dislike something I feel is actually well done.

At any rate, it's over now. No more porn-stories class for me! All that remains is a piano final tomorrow morning, and the final printed release of our senior project.


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