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Of Dreams…

July 31, 2006

Last night, my brother had a dream where I built a keytar out of one of my guitars that looked like those crystals from the original Superman movies. He said it looked totally sweet. Why can’t I have dreams like this?

Meanwhile, I’m having dreams about spiders in my shower that I have to squish so I can shower and not die by being bitten by these enormous, poisonous spiders. But I’m too tired to even keep my eyes open, so I can’t squish them because I’m afraid I’ll miss. Then something about accidentally turning on the water in the shower and not being able to turn it off (also because I’m too tired to keep my eyes open). And being afraid that the water will scare off the spiders so that I can’t squish them. So after dreaming about being so very tired, I wake up, and I’m freaking exhausted!

I want a keytar.


Rawkin the hiz-ouse

July 28, 2006

So not only did I get a swanky new watch and a second pair of jeans sans holes today, I finally found a bug I’ve been chasing most of the week! Plus, my Dad was asked by World Book Encyclopedia to write a 500 word entry on “ethanol” for them. Top that off with Cory & Tess’s party tonight, and today is shaping up to be a pretty awesome day.


July 28, 2006

Here comes the Micah-wagon!


Instantaneously decreasing localized temperatures

July 27, 2006

Haven’t posted anything in a while. What’s up, yo?

Last weekend Steve Raymer, one of my oldest friends, got married. While I am extremely happy for him, I am a bit sad for me. Now that he’s married, our relationship can never again be what it was in high school. He’s got more responsibility now, he can’t just run off bein’ a jerk with Waqphael and me anymore. Now that there’s some time between me and the wedding, it bothers me less. Anyway, Cory’s getting married this weekend (I hope there’s booze). And Nater’s gettin’ married the following weekend (I expect there’ll be booze). Marriage sucks.

And to make matters worse, I’m watching a terrible SciFi movie, that Stan Lee is somehow involved in, and has Lee Majors in it.

Also, Snakes on a Plane is not only a bad concept for a movie, but also a stupid name.


Everything’s Coming Up Evan

July 14, 2006

When we last left our hero, I had just been offered a job as a research assistant for Liz Bradley and Ken Anderson here at CU. In order to complete the paperwork for said job, I needed to bring in proof of graduation and a copy of my resume. So yesterday I swung by the registrar’s office to get some kind of proof because I still hadn’t received my receipt in the mail. As it turns out, I was able to pick up my receipt at the registrar’s office and did not realize. So it is official, I am completely certain, I have graduated from college!

And now that I’m graduated I’m making tons of money. I signed my letter of offer for that research position today. In addition to health benefits and whatnot, I’m making $55K a year. That’s pretty sweet. Considering how low my expenses are at this point in my life, I ought to be able to put a nice sum in the bank for a rainy day.

Additionally, yesterday I was able to pick my bike up from its tune-up. It’s running so nice now. I love it! New chain, rewrapped bars, cleaned cogs, new cables on the gear shifts. It no longer squeals like a banshee when I ride it.

Finally, I started working with the DVDs that my parents got me for my birthday: Celtic fingerstyle guitar. I haven’t played guitar this much since I was given my first one for Christmas when I was 10. I think Celtic fingerstyle was the music I was born to play. I’ve been playing guitar for about 4-5 hours a day since Tuesday. Apparently it’s even impressing my brother; which is quite a complement since I’ve always believed him to be a much better guitar player than I am.

So all things told, the last few days have been pretty great.


Postponing the Inevitable

July 5, 2006

A little over a week ago, Liz Bradley offered me another job as a research assitant on a different project with her and Ken Anderson. I decided to take it. Research seems to agree with me, it’s more money than I’m making now, and it’s the only offer I’ve gotten. But it’s only for up to a year, so I’m still going to have to figure out what I want to do afterwards. I just have a little more time to figure it out. In the mean time, I get to stay in Boulder with Dan and keep playing capoeira with Larry.