Everything’s Coming Up Evan

July 14, 2006

When we last left our hero, I had just been offered a job as a research assistant for Liz Bradley and Ken Anderson here at CU. In order to complete the paperwork for said job, I needed to bring in proof of graduation and a copy of my resume. So yesterday I swung by the registrar’s office to get some kind of proof because I still hadn’t received my receipt in the mail. As it turns out, I was able to pick up my receipt at the registrar’s office and did not realize. So it is official, I am completely certain, I have graduated from college!

And now that I’m graduated I’m making tons of money. I signed my letter of offer for that research position today. In addition to health benefits and whatnot, I’m making $55K a year. That’s pretty sweet. Considering how low my expenses are at this point in my life, I ought to be able to put a nice sum in the bank for a rainy day.

Additionally, yesterday I was able to pick my bike up from its tune-up. It’s running so nice now. I love it! New chain, rewrapped bars, cleaned cogs, new cables on the gear shifts. It no longer squeals like a banshee when I ride it.

Finally, I started working with the DVDs that my parents got me for my birthday: Celtic fingerstyle guitar. I haven’t played guitar this much since I was given my first one for Christmas when I was 10. I think Celtic fingerstyle was the music I was born to play. I’ve been playing guitar for about 4-5 hours a day since Tuesday. Apparently it’s even impressing my brother; which is quite a complement since I’ve always believed him to be a much better guitar player than I am.

So all things told, the last few days have been pretty great.



  1. Looks like you need to find yourself a girl, mate…

  2. Why does it looks like that?

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