Instantaneously decreasing localized temperatures

July 27, 2006

Haven’t posted anything in a while. What’s up, yo?

Last weekend Steve Raymer, one of my oldest friends, got married. While I am extremely happy for him, I am a bit sad for me. Now that he’s married, our relationship can never again be what it was in high school. He’s got more responsibility now, he can’t just run off bein’ a jerk with Waqphael and me anymore. Now that there’s some time between me and the wedding, it bothers me less. Anyway, Cory’s getting married this weekend (I hope there’s booze). And Nater’s gettin’ married the following weekend (I expect there’ll be booze). Marriage sucks.

And to make matters worse, I’m watching a terrible SciFi movie, that Stan Lee is somehow involved in, and has Lee Majors in it.

Also, Snakes on a Plane is not only a bad concept for a movie, but also a stupid name.


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