Of Dreams…

July 31, 2006

Last night, my brother had a dream where I built a keytar out of one of my guitars that looked like those crystals from the original Superman movies. He said it looked totally sweet. Why can’t I have dreams like this?

Meanwhile, I’m having dreams about spiders in my shower that I have to squish so I can shower and not die by being bitten by these enormous, poisonous spiders. But I’m too tired to even keep my eyes open, so I can’t squish them because I’m afraid I’ll miss. Then something about accidentally turning on the water in the shower and not being able to turn it off (also because I’m too tired to keep my eyes open). And being afraid that the water will scare off the spiders so that I can’t squish them. So after dreaming about being so very tired, I wake up, and I’m freaking exhausted!

I want a keytar.


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