Phase 2: Completed

September 29, 2006

I just got off the phone with Joanne, the woman in charge of the basset rescue group here in Denver. She seemed thrilled that I was interested in Gladys and Scout, which I take as a good sign. She’s going to call my mom this afternoon to verify that we are allowed to have dogs in the condo (mom owns the condo, so it’s her call). No surprises here, I’ve already talked this over with mom.

I mentioned that I would like to meet the dogs at their boarding facility before taking them in for the 30 day trial period; if I’m lucky that will happen this weekend. I had anticipated this being a slow process, but Joanne seems keen to get these two out of the facility and into someone’s home, so it may go more quickly than I expected. I also made sure to tell her that I’d be going out of town next weekend, so it would be best to wait until I return to start the 30 day trial period. We’ll see…

I’m starting to get a little nervous now, as taking these dogs in will require some changes in my life due to the added responsibility. I think, however, that given a little time the changes will become habit in the same way that getting up and going to work became a habit. But the thought of being responsible for two lives other than my own is a little unsettling.


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