First Contact

October 1, 2006

I got to meet with Gladys and Scout today. They are both nice dogs. Gladys is very sweet and very friendly. She walked right over to me and promptly rolled over onto her back. She sat with me practically the entire that we were in the play are together. After spending maybe 30 or 45 minutes with them, I took Gladys for a walk in thepark across the street; she did very well. Except for when she saw a horse and when there were a couple of kids near by, she did not really tug on the leash; she mostly walked right next to me, no tension on the leash.

Scout, on the other hand, is more than just shy; Scout is very nervous around strangers. He would not come near me the entire time I was there. He once came and took a quick sniff of my arm while I was petting Gladys, and quickly went back to pacing the edge of the yard. After I got back from walking Gladys I had them put her back in her kennel and went back to the yard with Scout. I sat there for about 45 minutes with him being non-threatening. He would not come over to me, but I did coax him closer.

I’m going back to visit again on Tuesday. I hope that I can get Scout to trust me enough that I may pet and walk him. If I’m going to take these two in, I need him to feel comfortable with me. I hope that I can get through to him, I like them both very much.


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