Good News, Everyone

October 3, 2006

Today’s meeting with the dogs went quite well. This time Scout was willing to come over to me and let me pet him a little. He’s still nervous around me, but he is getting better. The next step is to get Klye to come with me so that Scout can start getting used to him too. Scout will need to be comfortable with the both of us before I can think about bringing them home. But given the amount of progress I’ve made with him in a short amount of time I now believe that it will be possible for me to take them in. I don’t know if it will happen, but it is possible.

Gladys was just as friendly—and hungry—as last Sunday. Although I am now starting to suspect that her friendliness might be how she deals with her nervousness. Where Scout is wary and aloof around strangers, she approaches and immediately submits. Since they both come from the same home it makes sense that whatever made Scout so nervous would have also affected her. I suspect that in the long run she will be the more difficult of the two to train, but Scout poses the more immediate problem.



  1. Don’t punch them. Especially while the adoption lady is watching.

  2. You are finally getting dogs? cool! can I come meet ’em? I won’t run away, I promise.

  3. umm…this would be Jen…commenting under her senior project’s blog..

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