Possibly the most disappointing night evar

November 15, 2006

Tonight Waqphael and I went to see the Decemberists at the Paramount theatre in Denver. Show started at 8:00pm, the opening act was pretty cool. About 20 minutes after the opener finished, the Decemberists came on. They’re show started with a cool little audio track to introduce the band.

Unsurprisingly they opened with “The Crane Wife 3”. Followed by “July, July, July” which totally rocked my socks off. Unfortunately, Colin Meloy was just getting over a cold; that combined with the altitude made it very difficult for him to sing. He was having an awful lot of trouble staying on key. That was pretty dissatisfying, but OK; the music was still jumping, even if he wasn’t at his best. What made the evening so disappointing was that after what couldn’t have been more than an hour, they stopped the show. They jumped to the last song in their set—“Sons and Daughters”—and left. We stood clapping, hoping that they might have enough left for an encore, but then the house lights came on. You could feel the disappointment wash over the entire crowd.

I can’t say that I blame Colin Meloy; I’ve tried singing while recovering from a cold, and it’s very difficult. It probably wasn’t even that he was just upset at his poor performance, he probably physically couldn’t continue. He was obviously unhappy about the whole situation; I’m sure he feels pretty guilty about what happened tonight. But that doesn’t make the show any less disappointing. I think it might even have been better had they just canceled the show before it even started. Getting a taste—even if they weren’t at the top of their game—of the show and then having it cut short is just so frustrating.

Oh well. I expect the next time they play Denver it will be extra awesome. Colin did promise to do an extra good show next time. Here’s hoping that’s not too far off…

On a more positive note: Alisdair Roberts, the opening band, was pretty good.


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