Today in Brief

December 17, 2006

Good news, everyone! Today Mom’s foot was well enough to come out with us. First order of business this morning: find Mom’s old neighborhood. When my mom was about 10 years old her Dad moved the whole family out to Paris for a year while he taught English at l’école militaire—the school where French military officers are trained. So this morning we took the metro over to Parc Monceau, where Mom, my Aunt Katy, and my Uncle Cam used to play as children.

After wandering around for a while admiring the park (coming from Colorado I am amazed at how green France is this time of year, and the concept of a jardin d’hiver is quite novel to me) we headed out to find her old apartment. Parc Monceau and Mom’s old apartment are just a stone’s throw from l’Arc de Triomphe; quite a nice neighborhood. We found her old apartment, the brasserie where she used to by bread every morning, and a post office that may have been her old school. It was quite fun. After lunch we caught the metro over to the other side of Paris to visit la Musée de la Musique.

After changing trains in Stalingrad—I kid you not—we arrived at la Musée de la Musique. The museum was a great deal larger than I anticipated; in fact, we didn’t even get all the way through. They have quite a collection of instruments, many of which I’d never really encountered in those particular forms, and the audio tour was full of excellent music. Quite an interesting spot, if you’re a musician, maybe even if you’re not. I found the guitar I want there, too.

I think we’re planning on heading back to try and finish the museum and check out their exposition, “Traveling Guitars,” on Saturday before we return home.

On a related note, I’ve set up a Picasa web gallery and started an album for this trip, if you’re interested. Captions coming soon.


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