Of Afghanistan and Tintin

December 18, 2006

Today’s first stop was Centre Pompidou; I was very excited to go back here, having loved it last time. It wasn’t until I visited Centre Pompidou last trip to Paris that I finally began to understand modern art. I was looking forward to seeing what new exhibits they had, and hopefully find my three favorite from last time: Fibonacci Crocilius, the Chanelle Guillotine, and the 3′ tall bronze statue of Hello Kitty. The first thing I saw, however, upon entering the museum, was a large banner featuring Tintin:

The good news is: two days from now (Dec. 20th) there is going to be a special exhibit featuring—as near as I can tell—Tintin! The bad news is: a lot of Pompidou is closed for renovations until February, including the modern art wing. So even if Hello Kitty is still there, I shan’t see her this time. But we’re going back after the exhibit opens to see it (eat your heart out, Dan).

After some poking around the lobby of Pompidou while Dad patiently ascertained the location of this Treasures of Afghanistan exhibit that is here in Paris, we hopped on the metro and headed over to Musée Guimet to see the exhibit. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures—Dad was scolded for doing so, not that we saw any signs indicating we were not allowed—so I’ve got none to show you. It was interesting, though it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I must say that I’m glad these things survived the civil war, though; every culture has probably crafted some pretty marvelous things, and it’s cool to get to see them. Just another reminder that we’re not always as different as we think.

After the museum we hopped back on the metro to head back to Shakespeare & Co. so Mom could pick something up. While she and Dad went in, I stood around and took more pictures of Notre Dame de Paris. I truly love Notre Dame; I am not a religious man, but I really appreciate the spirit that it can sometimes engender in others, and when that spirit manifests itself in art it is truly moving. So I have lots of pictures of Notre Dame, far more than I’ve put up on Picasa. I put this one up because I like the colors and because I didn’t take very many pictures today.

I also uploaded a number of pictures from previous days that I didn’t get to last night because I was tired. Tomorrow we’re headed back to Musée de la Musique to finish the permanent collection and hopefully take a look at the “Traveling Guitars” exhibit.


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