It’s Raining Mice

December 19, 2006

This morning we headed back to Musée de la Musique to finish of the permanent collection and check out the “Traveling Guitars.” The permanent exhibit was pretty cool; it was nice going back a second time knowing what to expect. The only thing I didn’t like about the museum was that their collection of non-western instruments was kind of lacking. The history of western music was great, but being a fan of obscure, strange musical instruments, I was hoping for a larger collection of eastern instruments.

After we finished going through the permanent collection we went downstairs to the “Traveling Guitars.” Pretty cool exhibit. In the first room they had a couple Fenders set up to play with, and a copy of Guitar Hero. Dad snapped a couple pictures of me rockin’ out in France. The exhibit itself was pretty much just a collection of guitars. They had some common models, some fairly unique ones, some old models, and a collection of guitars that belonged to famous people. I got to see guitars belonging to David Gilmour, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Donovan, and Frank Zappa. I think Zappa (left) and Donovan (right) had the most interesting guitars…

Just outside the museum as we were leaving, Mom saw a mouse fall from the second story of the building, land on the ground, get up, and scurry under the building. Apparently this experience really affected her because she couldn’t stop talking about it. She even told Klye the story when we called him from my cellphone upon our return.

After the museum, we just popped on a train back towards our hotel, but got off at the mall the stop before for dinner and a little Christmas shopping. Not much to tell here: Christmas shopping was rather unsuccessful, but I did get a new pair of pants in a shade of black and blue I’d never seen before; I love them muchly. I also found exactly what I want for Christmas. Here’s a picture:


One comment

  1. Damn, Donovan’s guitar is cool.
    While you are out gallivanting around the French countryside, I’m stuck getting paid to stay home because of 2+ feet of snow and my shovel of epic heaviness, which has a negative STR bonus.

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