Swearing Off TV

January 26, 2007

I have decided that for the next month I shall not watch any TV. This decision was a long time coming, but was prompted by the following exchange on IRC:

<Cae> which drug does Bob take?
<darth_mall> cyanide
<Cae> ie, Bob with the extra spring in his step
ever since taking some male enhancement product
<darth_mall> Cyalis
oh dear god
<Cae> lol

For the record, I was wrong; it’s Enzyte, according to mothoc. However, the quickness with which Cyalis came to mind when I saw “male enhancement product” still unnerves me. There is no doubt in my mind that that was conditioned from all the sex drug ads on the TV. So from now until March 1 (that’s a little over a month, but whatever) no more live TV for me. Commercial-free programs on DVD or from the internet are fine, but no TV. It’s not as though TV is really enhancing my First Life experience anyway.



  1. you said Cialis not because of TV, but because of email…

    All the ads I see on tv are for Enzyte, and all the ones that come crashing into my junk folder (the ones that dont offer me every drug that exists) are for Cialis…

    Maybe it’s time to stop using email….

  2. Hey Evan, Thats great to hear. Im going to have to find you a bumper sticker that says “Kill your Television” . My new years resolution besides trying to see all my brothers is to abstain from alcohol completely this year. It has been a little hard but its worth while to me any way. I just weighed the pro’s and con’s and just couldent agree that paying vast sums of money to poison myself was a good idea. Viva la vita!

  3. i think i may watch TV 3 hours a week at the most. That includes Heroes and whatever cartoons i see before i close my eyes to fall asleep at night, so really, i listen to more TV than i watch. Frankly, i don’t see how anyone can watch more than that on purpose.

  4. If I sat down and listed all the shows I actually like to watch, it probably wouldn’t come out to more than 3 or 4 hours a week either. However, I found that (especially in the absence of a stereo, which as been rectified) I would often sit there and just channel surf when I was feeling too tired to do anything else. Or when I’d be cooking or cleaning I’d have it on for background noise. There were a lot of hours during my week where the TV was on and I was only half watching it if that; but it was still on and permeating my consciousness.

    Now I have a nice stereo, so I listen to good music instead. A much better solution, I think.

  5. But if you take cialis daily, “you’ll be ready to go anytime.” hahaha

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