An Offer I Probably Can’t Refuse

February 5, 2007

Last Friday I was contacted by a recruiter from Google. They’ve apparently got an opening for a Web Applications Engineer that I might be a pretty good fit for. Wow. When they were visiting CU last year they wouldn’t even sit down to meet with me, now they’re calling me to see if I want to work for them.

I know it’s not quite that simplistic or extreme. First, when I wanted to meet with them last year I didn’t have the experience in web apps that I do now. Second, they may not actually have had a position that fit me last year. Third, I’m not so fantastic that they just had to come find me; this guy’s job probably includes—if it’s not completely limited to—perusing monster.com and its ilk looking for people to fill positions.

All the same, it’s quite exciting for me that I even meet the requirements to work at Google. I don’t know what I’ll do if they offer me the job since I don’t really want to move to California. But how do you say ‘no’ to Google? Plus, it would be cool to get to hang out with David and Micah again, and to meet Christian, Alex, Mike, and maybe even Paul for reals.



  1. Christel and I both said ‘no’ to Google, and it’s quite easy…

    You respond and say that you are not interested/willing to accept their offer.

    You won’t lose friends over it… if anything Christel noted that her Google buddies respected her more as a result.

    Do the interview process anyway. If nothing else it’s a lot of fun.

  2. This has more to do with me really wanting to work there then worrying about how to actually say ‘no’. I think it’d be cool to work for Google, and the only thing that gives me any pause is I was so looking forward to Boston. But I don’t as of yet have a job in Boston, and as they say: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    Of course, I haven’t even had an interview, let alone an offer. So this is all day-dreaming right now.

  3. I would be surprised if Google didn’t have a campus in Boston.

    And, as they say, “I’m always looking for an excuse to take someone on a Bay Tour.” šŸ˜‰

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