Fancy Hotel the Second

February 16, 2007

To begin, I didn’t get the job at Google. I had two interviews this morning, after which I was told by the recruiter that I had, “done well, I just wasn’t a good fit.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, but OK. She said she was going to pass my resume around to some other recruiters which is nice.

So Google got me a cab to take me to the hotel that VMware was kind enough to arrange for me for the weekend. Something which I was quite surprised by. Like last night’s hotel, this one is pretty swanky. More photos can be found in the usual place.

And now I sit here trying to decide what to do with my afternoon until Micah, David, and hopefully Christian are free of their vocational obligations. Probably I will end up wandering around to find a place to eat, as I’m somewhat hungry. Fortunately, I was smart enough to toss an apple in my bag this morning courtesy of the breakfast provided by Hotel Avante.

Honestly, I’m pretty disappointed about the whole Google thing. I’m not sure if it would be less disappointing to have made it all the way through the interviews today and then not get the job, or not. But I was really starting to look forward to the possibility of working there. Especially after I arrived at the building. They had a projector set up in the reception area projecting a bunch of, as far as I could tell, random strings onto a screen. When I couldn’t decipher the meaning of this projection I asked the receptionist. Turns out, those were some (very filtered) real-time Google queries. It doesn’t sound that interesting, but for some reason watching this screen of actual searches, knowing that at that very moment someone is perusing the results of that search, is completely captivating.

Tonight I shall hopefully have more interesting pictures than just the stills of my hotel rooms, as I should be getting to see Micah and David.


One comment

  1. “Good fit” is corporate-speak for “you’re not enough of a tool.”

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