February 24, 2007

Sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 pm yesterday I got a call from VMware. Long story short: I didn’t get the job. Actually, that’s the whole story; I guess it wasn’t all that long.

The good news is: I get to go ahead with my original plan to move to Boston. This is something I’m pretty excited about, and so I think a part of me is glad I didn’t get the job. VMware would be a really cool place to work, no doubt, so if they’d offered me a job I would have taken it. But as much fun as I had out there with Micah, David, and Christian, I still had my heart set on Boston.

The flip side is that it was quite a blow to my ego. It is somewhat disheartening to know that my friends were good enough to get jobs there and I wasn’t. But, “this, too, shall pass,” as they say. I’ve always known that David and Micah were better programmers than I was, it’s only hard because now I’m presented with some pretty solid evidence. But that’s OK. I keep reminding myself that just because there’s someone better doesn’t mean I’m no good at all. And I’ll get over it eventually; a couple of days from now I’ll probably be fine with it and completely excited about Boston again.

In the mean time I’ve got to buckle down and keep job searching out that way. That’s the real pain in the butt. In the next couple of days I’ll probably try to do a couple of posts that finish up my trip out there, because it was a lot of fun.



  1. That just means I get to keep you for a while :-*

  2. What’s meant to happen will happen; it just means there’s something special waiting for you in Boston. 🙂

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