A Jog Down Memory Lane

March 22, 2007

A day like most others: got up (eventually), worked, played guitar, hung out at Folsom St. Coffee. Somehow this afternoon I ended up looking over some of the digital photos on my computer; I think it was because I was looking for a picture to use for my Blogger avatar. So this evening I ended up going through all the ones that had been imported into F-spot on my desktop and uploading a bunch of them to picasaweb.

Took a few hours to get these things sorted, resized, and uploaded, but I was waiting for the upgrade to Feisty on my laptop to finish, so I had nothing better to be doing. I haven’t really gotten around to tagging and captioning these things; that will have to happen over a longer period of time, probably whilst avoiding work. So I’ll probably get started first thing tomorrow morning! Some of these may be of little interest to most of you folks, but here are a few that might be:


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