Old Friends

April 1, 2007

Friday afternoon I went out with my mom to get reacquainted with some old friends from my childhood. I haven’t seen them in over a decade and I can tell you it was really good to see them again. Friday afternoon my mom took me to see TMNT for old time’s sake.

Was that too corny? Well, whatever. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I thought they did a pretty good job with it, too. Not that there was ever very much to the Turtles; they pretty much just squabble like kids and kick the Foot’s collective ass while making bad jokes. Not that it couldn’t have been messed up, I just think it takes a certain degree of effort to really screw up that formula.¹

It’s comforting that amongst the myriad things in this world that are in constant flux, some things remain the same—or at least can remain the same. Not only is the movie very much like the Turtles I remember from when I was growing up, but my love for them has not dwindled in the least. I am very excited about its release on DVD and I am equally excited at the possibility of a sequel—something at which they hinted near the end of the movie.

I only had two complaints. One, all of the humans looked the same. The Turtles and Splinter all looked quite good, but the humans looked like all humans tend to look these days in computer generated movies. In fact Winters reminded me a great deal of Mr. Incredible. For some reason in anime it doesn’t bother me that the people often look the same—that is part of its charm, in fact. But I’m getting sick of it in western animation; I miss the days when things were drawn by hand and the people’s faces had character (no pun intended). And two, they recycled some of the jokes from the first movie. Not a big complaint, but my favorite lines were the ones that were completely original to the film and I wish there had been more.

Now I wish they were still on TV so that I could watch again. I guess it’s time to start searching the internet for DVDs.

¹ I seem to recall a live-action Turtles show on Fox where they saw fit to add a fifth, female turtle for the sake of political correctness. This show struck me as rather lame.


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