Two More Things I Hate About You

August 2, 2007

As most of you know, I hate CU. I do not look back very fondly on my time there either as a student or an employee—though the reasons differ somewhat for each of those roles. But I would have to say that I am astounded at how many reasons CU gives me to hate them even after I have left the institution altogether.

Now that my job there is over, I have been catching up on miscellaneous things that have piled up over the last few months in my inbox. Going through all this unprocessed mail I encountered at least three different items from CU begging me for money. So, let me get this straight, CU. After having spent 3.5 years in your—*ahem*—hallowed halls and paying thousands of dollars for the privilege¹, you’re now asking me to give you money simply because you exist? I got barely anything from you in return for tuition, and now you’re asking me for a donation? And not only that, but you’re killing trees to beg for money. This from a university who won’t pay to have fliers printed on environmentally unfriendly paper for an event they are sponsoring.²

In addition to CU’s socially acceptable panhandling, I got a letter (from back in May, actually) that—once again—a server on CU had been hacked and my personal information may have been stolen. Ironically, “the virus apparently entered through a vulnerability in the anti-virus software.” I often listen to my friends talk about steps they take to prevent identity theft: never giving out their social security number over the phone, having a separate credit card for on-line purchases, etc. Every time I listen to this I think, “Yeah, but what difference does it make for me since CU insists on keeping that information on servers they can’t protect.” They were stupid enough to use your social security number as your student ID for years and they can’t even take steps to protect that information. I honestly get a letter from CU at least twice a year to warn me that my identity may have been stolen from one of their poorly maintained servers.

If I had it all to do over again, I would have dropped out of college instead of wasting so many years (and so much of my parents’ money) at CU.

¹ To say nothing of the cost of books, crappy electronic gadgets, and lab fees that were stacked on the tuition.
² Don’t get me wrong, I agree with that policy; better to print on paper that can be recycled. But does anyone else detect a little bit of a schism between that policy and their habit of sending out junk mail?


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