Administrative Clusterfucks

August 14, 2007

Back in June I decided to take a break from computers—if not leave the field entirely—and try my hand at being an EMT. So I registered for the EMT classes at Front Range Community College in Longmont, planning to take the national registries in December. Tuition was due today (the due date has been postponed until tomorrow) so I went last week to pay it. I had, however, neglected to apply my Colorado Opportunity Fund to these classes—it is apparently not sufficient to register for COF, you have to actively tell them, “yes, please lower my tuition.” It could take up to 72 hours for the funds to be applied against my tuition for the fall, so I had to wait until Monday to pay the tuition. Well, come Monday I get a call from someone in the department to which the EMS courses belong to tell me there was a problem with my registration.¹ I had registered for EMS 125 (EMT Basic) and EMS 170 (EMT Basic Clinical) with differing section numbers. I guess this is a no-no that used to be managed automatically in the old system, but the new on-line registration systems is incapable of comprehending this simple dependency. I was told to drop EMS 170 and enroll in the correct EMS 170. So I did. Except that there was no EMS 170 for the EMS 125 I wanted to enroll in.

Though annoying, this was not the end of the world. Being unemployed my schedule is extremely flexible, so I signed up for the other EMS 125 which occurs on Tues. and Thurs. evenings, instead of Mon., Wed., Fri. mornings. I write down the course numbers for the two classes and add them to the form, I submit the form, and when the page refreshes I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was now waitlisted for the EMS 170 course that I had previously been enrolled 10 minutes before.

I called the woman back. I explained that there had been no EMS 170 for the EMS 125 that I’d wanted, so I signed up for the other EMS 125 to resolve the conflicting section number problem, but I was now waitlisted for EMS 170. She told me not to worry because a lot of students had made the same mistake I did (I could see nothing on the registration page that indicated I ought to be careful about the section numbers), and they would sort it out and make sure I was signed up for all the classes I needed to be. Great. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone in charge tells you, “Not to worry, I’ll see that it is taken care of.”

Two things happened this morning. First, I got an e-mail from Front Range saying the tuition deadline had been extended to tomorrow because of the computer problems they were having. So it was no surprise when I tried to log on and pay my tuition and I saw a page saying the system was down. Even though tuition wasn’t technically due until tomorrow, I wanted to get it paid today so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it. However, I couldn’t pay on-line and the phones were constantly busy (probably because of people calling in to pay since the on-line service was down). I did not want to drive up to Longmont to pay until I was sure that my COF had been applied to the tuition, so I called the Boulder campus to check. This is when the second shoe dropped.

The girl on the phone looked up my account to check for the COF; she told me that I had been approved (which I knew already, I just wanted to know if it had been applied for the semester) but that I wasn’t registered for any courses this fall. Yesterday I had been registered for two courses—even if I was waitlisted on one of them—now I wasn’t registered for anything. She suggested I come to campus today to register, since the on-line registration was down. I explained what had happened yesterday, and told her that I was afraid that coming in and registering myself might cause problems with the people trying to fix all the issues for the EMS students. So she transferred me to someone—I suspect it was a mistake—but at any rate I ended up talking to someone in admissions.

Once again I explained what happened with the courses. For whatever reason this woman insisted that I had been registered for a course at the Westminster campus and I kept explaining that I was certain I’d registered for a course at the Boulder county campus. (I may have accidentally registered for a Westminster course back in June, but I corrected that right away and had in fact checked a few times since to be sure I was enrolled in Boulder courses.)² Finally—perhaps my frustration was coming through more than I thought and this was slowing down the process—we understood each other and she agreed to take care of the problem and call me back. Not more than ten minutes later my phone rang and I was told that I was enrolled in the EMS 125 course I wanted along with the corresponding EMS 170 course. Kudos to this woman for working so quickly.

But, because it would be too much to hope that things would be completely square, my COF has not been applied to my tuition. Even though last Friday, when I was on campus, I went through the necessary steps to instruct the COF to reduce my tuition so that it should have been ready yesterday I will have to wait at least another day to pay my tuition thanks to this scheduling debacle. I’m not sure what will happen if the COF hasn’t been applied by tomorrow, the tuition deadline, but I suspect there will be more phone calls to FRCC tomorrow.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not frustrated or angry with any of the people I’ve had to deal with at FRCC; they’ve all been quite helpful and polite. It’s the completely retarded organization of the administration that is driving me crazy. There are so many departments and so many people involved and they don’t communicate with each other, so when something like this goes wrong it is very difficult to fix. I still don’t know if I’m going to encounter problems because this woman in EMS was going to fix my EMS 170 conflict and I’ve just now resolved that without her knowledge. Not to mention the issue of being able to pay my tuition on time.

And to think, all of this could probably have been avoided by a decent registration system. CU’s on-line registration system was equally obnoxious and it bothered me there too. Fort Lewis College had, as I remember it, an on-line system that was capable of automatically managing dependencies and pre-requisites between classes. Why CU and FRCC are incapable of installing such a system is beyond me.³

¹ The fact that I registered back in June and they waited until a week before classes start to find this problem irks me greatly.
² FRCC uses one page for all four of their campuses, and none of the course information displayed gives any indication on which campus the course is held. Apparently one function of the section numbers is to indicate which campus the course belongs to, but there was no legend anywhere that I could see.
³ Especially since it sounds like FRCC’s old system used to automatically enroll you in the correct EMS 170 course when you enrolled in EMS 125. I am continually amazed at people’s ability to replace a working system with something more broken.


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